Sylvanian Families Woodland Scene with Douglas & Greta Furbanks

Saras Sylvanians


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Beautiful Sylvanian Families Woodland Playset
Including Brother & Sister 
Douglas & Greta Furbanks

This beautiful woodland scene has been very carefully customised to create a one of a kind scenic play area for your sylvanians

The 'real' grass areas are lovely and soft with tiny flowers here and there.  
The banks are lines with soft 'earth'
This play area has a lovely little stream running down the side of the bank, where Douglas Furbanks - the little boy squirrel loves to fish.  The fishing rod has a little fish attached

Attached to the bank is an ivy & wood play swing where Greta Furbanks spends her time lazily swinging around in the sunshine
Climb up the ladder and there is a little stone path leading to a majestic apple tree
The apples on the tree are removeable 

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