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Saras Sylvanians


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Beautiful Sylvanian Families Toy shop

This Toy shop has been very carefully customised to create a one of a kind vintage Christmas winter feel to the interior and exterior.

The outer of the Toyshop is covered in pretty glittering snow

The woodwork has been painstakingly restored to look like aged wood with raised snow covered foliage growing upon it.

The windows and frames have been customised to look like old lead windows complete with windblown snow effect

The outside area has a grassy snow covered play area for your sylvanians complete with snowballs

Inside, the toy shop has 'wood' countertops and a wooden shelving
It has images of shelving stacked with toys and also has real tiny toys for your sylvanians to play with
The Toyshop comes with all accessories shown in the pictures including

1 adult brown rabbit
1 child brown rabbit
1 snow topped miniature sylvanian house
1 reading books
2 footballs
1 tiny toy goat
1 mini toy train
 pokemon soft toy pokeball
1 wrapping paper holding unit
3 rolls of wrapping paper
2 wrapped gifts
1 ceramic pot with plant
1 red & green knitted scarf
1 snow covered grassy play area
5 snowballs
plus other pieces shown in the listing

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