Sylvanian Families Autumn,Halloween House with Furniture & Figures

Sylvanian Families


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Beautiful Sylvanian Families Autumn/Fall Cottage

Welcome to Autumn Cottage 
This lovely home has been very carefully customised to create a one of a kind vintage autumn/fall cottage feel to the interior and exterior.

The outer of this lovely cottage has had a complete renovation

The outer walls have been restored to look like aged woodwork with  'real' autumn coloured ivy growing upon it

The windows, shutters and frames have been customised with an old wood effect

On the upper outer floor is a lovely balcony area for your sylvanians to enjoy

This beautiful home has lots of lovely features including 

An outdoor patio area with 'real' pond and fish
wood look flooring
window lace finishing's with wooden sills
book shelving
wall clock
cosy fireplace with hearth
and more

Transform this beautiful Autumn cottage into a home ready for Halloween with the spooky decorative items included.

You will receive everything shown in the pictures including

1 cream rabbit
1 brown bear
1  bed
1 knitted blanket
1 wooden real wall mirror
1 mini wooden table
1 wooden garden lounger
1 teddy bear bunny
1 wall clock
1 freestanding clock
1 sofa
1 side unit
1 glass jar of dried spaghetti
1 broom
4 potted plants
2 plates
2 glo in the dark spooky cupcakes
1 spooky black iced muffin
2 decorative large pumpkins
2 small plush pumpkins
2 halloween hats
1 decorative ghost on a stand
1 beautiful garden pond with 'real' water, 3 fish, pond plants and outer foliage
plus more
Please be aware this is an original Sylvanian Families house with original and hand crafted furniture and accessories.  Because this is a one of a kind creation it does not come with an original box
Not suitable for very young children due to small parts

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